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Career Clusters

There are a huge range of sectors and industries beyond academia in which you can pursue fulfilling careers and add real value. This set of 12 career clusters have been co-created with 75 employers from a range of sectors. They are intended to represent the key areas of the economy which stand to benefit most from the qualities and attributes that you can offer.

Many of the clusters show areas of economic growth and speak to some of the most important challenges we face today, such as delivering a more sustainable future, harnessing the power of data and AI effectively and ethically and ensuring our public services are fit for purpose.

The career clusters are not intended to be mutually exclusive: many are cross-cutting, some are interrelated with others and they will continue to be developed and amended as we co-create, test and reiterate Prosper. As with all aspects of Prosper, we welcome your feedback on them.

This section is intended to give you an initial flavour of some of the varied opportunities in each cluster and the relevant employers we have worked with to date. Alongside these career clusters we’ve practical guides on how you can explore the employment landscape for yourself, expand your employment sector knowledge, as well as the career exploration and reaching out sections in Explore.

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