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ICT and Technology

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Technological innovation and the generation, processing and communication of data continues to rapidly change the nature of work, the economy and our society. The challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing measures made our reliance on digital technology even more apparent and acute. 

Careers in tech

A career within one of the big tech giants such as Facebook, Google or Microsoft may come to mind when you think of Digital Technology, but given the cross-cutting nature of Digital Technology, this cluster should stimulate you to explore some of the opportunities associated with a variety of companies and sectors which are implementing, though not necessarily developing, new technologies. In both cases, you will gain deeper insights into how ICT and Digital technology are continually shaping the way we relate to each other. 

To date, we have worked with numerous companies who are at the forefront of either developing or implementing novel technology, including IBM, Unilever and Facebook, Reality Labs, as well as smaller companies and spin-outs who have developed specialist technologies for implementation in niche sectors.  We’ve also worked with the UK’s leading digital charity, Good Things Foundation, who aim to make the benefits of digital technology more accessible.

In all cases, technical ability is in high demand, but so is an ability to understand the potential commercial or social application of technology and convey this to a variety of audiences.

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Pets at Home
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Martin Squires discusses his work as Director of Advanced Analytics at Pets at Home.

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IBM Europe
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Dr Paolo Fraccaro discusses his work as a Research Staff Member working in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at IBM Research Europe.

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Working at IBM
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Dr Martyn Spink discusses his work as Programme Director at IBM UK Research Team.

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Working at the DWP
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Sian Knight discusses her work as a Lead User Researcher at the Department for Work and Pensions.

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