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Former Prosper pilot postdocs case studies

Between 2020-22 Prosper worked with 120+ postdocs from the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester and Lancaster University to co-create the career development offering. The cohort participants were carefully recruited to reflect the diversity of the UK's postdoc population in terms of gender, ethnicity and discipline. In these case studies cohort members share their stories and experiences with Prosper.

Headshot of Alex James.


Dr Alex James

Headshot of Ali Ehsan.

Electrical engineering

Dr Ali Ehsan

Headshot of Ashley Gluchowski.

Clinical exercise physiologist

Dr Ashley Gluchowski

Headshot of Briony Banks.

Cognitive psychology

Dr Briony Banks

Headshot of Caroline Redhead.

Social ethics and policy

Dr Caroline Redhead

Headshot of Catherine Hayer.


Dr Catherine Hayer

Headshot of Christina Picken.

Polymer chemistry

Dr Christina Picken

Headshot of David Ashmore.


Dr David Ashmore

Headshot of Dominic Chiwenga.

Operations and Information Management

Dr Dominic Chiwenga

Headshot of Efthymios Gavriil.

Medicinal Chemistry

Dr Efthymios Gavriil

Headshot of Frances Sherratt.

Public Health

Dr Frances Sherratt

Headshot of Marcos del Cueto.

Data Science

Dr Marcos del Cueto

Headshot of Marieke van der Zande.

Dental Ethnographer

Dr Marieke van der Zande

Headshot of Priyanka Raina.

Human Genetics

Dr Priyanka Raina

Headshot of Revathy Krishnamurthi.

Molecular microbiologist

Dr Revathy Krishnamurthi

Headshot of Zohra Butt.


Dr Zohra Butt

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