Freelancing and consultancy

Curious about working for yourself and/or in industry but don’t want to take the full plunge? Looking into becoming a freelancer or consultant may be a good starting point for you. 

Freelancer and consultant definitions

A Freelancer is an independent contractor who provides services on a short-term or contract basis, including services by the hour or per project they complete. Freelancers work for themselves and often have multiple clients they provide their services too. 


  • Freelance Editor. Providing freelance editorial services for multiple journals. Read Anna Sharman’s Career Cluster interview for her experience freelancing.
  • A freelance writer who works for multiple clients on a project-by-project basis. This writer could be hired to write articles, blog posts, or marketing copy for a variety of businesses or publications.

A Consultant is typically an expert in a specific field and provides expert advice and guidance to businesses and individuals. They can work within organisations providing expert advice to specific departments or they can work externally providing temporary services to a client, either through a consulting firm or another agency. Consultants can also work as freelancers, providing short-term consultation services for multiple clients.


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