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Welcome to Reflect! Here, we believe that self-awareness is an essential component of career development. Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, and values is crucial to making informed career decisions and achieving career success.

In this section, we offer resources and tools to help you develop your self-awareness and identify your career goals, including articles, assessments, and exercises.

My career so far

Career audit

Assess the current state your career and identify areas for improvement

Career influences

Find out how friends, family , collleagues and peers have influenced your attitudes

Career timelines

Chart your professional and personal progression

Suitable career?

My values

Uncover core beliefs and principles that guide your decision-making and behaviour

Personality traits

Learn how knowing about your own character can help you in your career

Strengths and interests

Identify and pursue careers that align with your abilities and passions

My skills?

Skills audit

Identify your current skill set, strengths and weaknesses, and areas for improvement

Mining for skills

An example of how you can identifying transferable skills from past experiences

Career needs?

Job satisfaction

Discover what factors are important for your sense of job satisfaction

Decision making

Advice on how to make informed career choices, considering various factors

Overcoming barriers

Limiting beliefs

How limiting beliefs can hinder career transition and strategies to overcome them

Identity crisis

Advice and support to navigate the feelings associated with career change


Strategies and tips to identify and overcome self-destructive behaviours

How others coped

Testimonials on handling career change and identity crisis

Moving forwards

New career identity

Steps to craft and pursue a career aligned with values, interests, and strengths

Building confidence

Tips to improve self-esteem and develop a positive mindset for career success

Increasing self-awareness

Exercises to help you gain insight into your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours

Exploring identity

How professional identity is formed and the factors that shape your identity

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