Acknowledgements and thanks 

Prosper would not have been possible without the funding, input and contribution of a lot of people. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank them here. 

The Funding

Thanks to the Research England Development fund for supporting Prosper. Thanks to the University of Liverpool’s ongoing commitment to maintaining Prosper beyond the end of the formal funding.  

The Project Board and External Advisory Board

Thanks to all members of the project board and external advisory panel for their time, thoughts and constructive input into the project: 

Project Board:

Professor Anthony Hollander (Chair), Dr Sarah Arrowsmith, Dr Nicola Beasley, Professor Soumyen Bandyopadhyay, Jean Bennett, Professor Raechelle D’Sa, Claire Faichnie, Dr James Howard, Sarah Jackson, Dr Andrew Lacey, Helen Miller, Professor Chris Sanderson, Dr Claire Wilson, Lucy Williams. 

External Advisory Board:

Professor Dame Janet Finch (Chair), Dr Annette Bramley, Professor David Bogle, Frances Burstow, Dr Joan Chang, Professor Collette Fagan, Professor Louise Heathwaite, Dr Al Mathers, Dr Martyn Spink. 

The Principal Investigators/Managers of Researchers 

We'd like to thank all of the PIs/MoRs from the University of Liverpool, Lancaster University and the University of Manchester who attended our focus groups, responded to our surveys, engaged with our PI network and supported their postdocs in their career development. 

The suppliers

Thanks to all the suppliers we commissioned to provide everything from our branding, our website to specific career development sessions. Thanks for working alongside us and being willing to understand our project and flex to fit us. 

The career coaches 

Special thanks to our five wonderful career coaches: Dr Elizabeth Adams, Denise Chilton, Jo Cutler, Alys Kay and Dr Hannah Roberts, who were with us alongside both of the pilot cohorts. 

The Institutional Partners 

Thanks to our project partners Lancaster University and the University of Manchester for creating Prosper with us. Thanks to Professor Anthony Hollander, Professor Collette Fagan and Professor Louise Heathwaite for their vocal support of Prosper. We’d like to thank Professor Simeon Yates, University of Liverpool who advised on all aspects of the project evaluation. Our colleagues in the Academy at the University of Liverpool were generous in sharing their expertise and insight on research staff and organisational development. We’d also like to extend huge thanks to all staff at all three institutions who work in HR, Equality and Impact and research support for facilitating the 0.1 FTE buy-out of our two pilot cohorts. 

The Employers 

Thanks to the employers who we’ve engaged with, have given their input, time and shared their expertise and wisdom with us and our postdocs. 

The Researcher Developers 

We are indebted to all the dedicated staff who are involved in postdoc career development across a huge range of institutions, located not just in the UK but globally. They’ve freely given time to talk to us, share their expertise, join workshops and provide their insights. Prosper would not be what it is without these inputs. We look forward to continuing this broad, informal collaboration. 

The postdocs

Huge thanks to the postdocs who attended our focus groups, sessions and applied to join our two pilot cohorts. Thanks for all of your input, ideas and enthusiasm for Prosper. 

The two pilot cohorts 

Special thanks are due to all the postdoc members of our two pilot cohorts. Thank you for testing everything we created and co-created with you.  

The team 

Prosper would not have been possible without the Prosper team. We’d like to thank each and every member of the team past and present; 

Chantel Baldry, Alison Bate, Candice Booth, Joshua Chapman, Dr Catherine Charlwood, Dr Eamon Dubaissi, Dr Gemma Fenwick, Dr Andrew Holmes, Anita Holt, Alys Kay, Catherine Kennedy, Ella Lange, Joanie Magill, Katie McAllister, Dr Fiona McBride, Natalie McCusker, Andrea Newhouse, Hellen Para Florez, James Reynolds, Dr Stefania Silvestri, Dr Peny (Panagiota) Sotiropoulou, Dr Simon Vaukins, Dr Helen Waite, Dr Tamara West, Lucy Williams. 

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