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Welcome to Act! If you’re here, you will have a strong idea of where you want the next stage of your career journey to go. Whether it’s developing in your current role, finding a job in a new industry or starting to work for yourself.

This section has the practical resources to empower you to get where you want to go. Each of the sections below provide knowledge and advice from our multiple stakeholders to guide you through the process of taking that next step. Listed in each section is a summary of the resources you will find there.

Career plan

Using library resources

Practical guide to using library resources to build your commercial awareness

Searching for opportunities

Find out how to find career opportunities open to you

Personal branding

Articulate what you have to offer clearly and concisely to find and apply for roles

Your network

How to harness your contacts to find new opportunities


Setting up your business

key topics to contemplate when starting to set up your own business

Business support

Find out how knowing about your own character can help you in your career

Freelancing and consultancy

Learn more about what it means to freelance or become a consultant

University spinouts

How your university supports business ideas and/or commercialising research

The application process


Speculative applications

Explore why speculative applications are useful and how to go about them

Cover letters

Cover letters explained and tips for writing an effective one

Application forms

Hear from employers on what makes a good application


Showcasing your skills

Discover how to translate your experience and skills to employers

Different CV types

The differences between academic and non-academic CVs, explained

Skills based CV

A resource that will help you write and develop your CV



Explore this resource on preparing and navigating interviews

Video interviews

A practical guide on remote interviews and the additional preparations involved

Interview questions

Discover different types of interview questions and how to respond

Assessment centres

A short introduction to assessment centres and what they might involve

Psychometric tests

An introduction to the different types of test and why they are used

Top tips

Job application pitfalls

Our employer share the most common pitfalls they see in job applications

Job offer negotiations

Uncover the negotiations you may want to have as a result of a job offer

Continuous growth

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Career conversations

How to have successful career conversations

In your current role

Advice on capitalising every opportunity your current role presents

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First weeks in a new job

What to expect from the first few weeks in a new job/opportunity

Keeping up momentum

Discover ways you can stay on track to achieve your career goals

Managing failure

A resource which identifies how to view and benefit from ‘failure’ 

Revisiting career identity

An opportunity to revisit your responses given in the Reflect section

Ongoing development

Understanding the importance of carrying on your professional development

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