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Starting a business and entrepreneurship

Whether you’re thinking of starting a business or not, the resources here are relevant in your current research role. In both, you identify a niche or a need, a way to address it and manage risk. This is especially relevant to grant writing.

You’ll find resources on how to create a one-page business plan (by Simon Hall) and how to think like an entrepreneur (and how as a postdoc the ways in which you’re already being entrepreneurial, by Professor Paul Coyle) in the ‘One-page business plan and entrepreneurship’ playlist.

Want to start your own business? Check out Denise Chilton’s step-by-step resources in the ‘Starting a business’ playlist. You'll notice that in this playlist you can choose to see the bite-sized videos, or you can watch the two videos in full (which are at the very bottom of the playlist).

Your research, with your PI, may be suited to the creation of a University spinout company. Find out what a spinout is and the benefits of getting involved in one, and how research can be commercialised with some selected examples from the University of Liverpool in the ‘Spinouts’ playlist.

Below is a curated collection of videos and resources around specific topics. You can navigate the blocks using the arrows and click on the one you wish to view. Playlists will load into the space above.

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One-page business plan and entrepreneurship
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Starting a business
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Associated resources

These resources are linked to the respective related videos above but are provided here too.

The basics of a business plan

Thinking like an entrepreneur

Starting a business 1:4 The business plan

Starting a business 1:5 Financial planning

Starting a business 1 (whole video)


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