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Time management

Find practical approaches you can use to manage your time by considering your tasks and priorities.

Pick and choose the videos and associated resources that appeal to you.  Figure out what's blocking you from engaging with your career development in the 'Finding the time' and 'Making progress with your Prosper career development' videos by Dr Elizabeth Adams. The 'time and energy challenge' videos are bite-sized topics and tasks to cover one per day for five days, delivered by Dr Hannah Roberts.

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In these videos Dr Elizabeth Adams and Dr Hannah Roberts give practical strategies you can use to manage your time and priorities.

Associated resources

These resources are linked to the respective related videos above but are provided here too.

Time and energy challenge (day 1 to 5)

Finding the time: Exploring what's getting in the way of your career development and Making progress with your Prosper career development

Useful links and resources

Imperial College London have guidance and examples on how you can use your 10 development days.

Nature careers podcast episode Mastering the art of saying no.

Squiggly careers podcast episode #339 How to make time for career development (their podcasts come with additional resources if you scroll down the page; PodNotes and a downloadable PodSheet). Other episodes you may find useful;
#395 Why your diary doesn't lie
#404 How to say yes, no and don't know
#344 Skills Sprint: Prioritising (this is 6 min long, part of a skill sprint series).

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