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Growing your self-awareness and career identity

In this section you’ll find resources you can use to increase your self-awareness, explore your career identity, enhance your workplace intercultural competence (delivered by Sally Walker) and identify your Inner Critic. Doing so will help your career development in both your current role and your thinking moving forward.

Changing career and no longer being a ‘postdoc’ can sometimes feel daunting. For some being a postdoc can feel like more than simply a job title, if this sounds familiar check out the identity matters video. Researchers based at HEIs are often a very diverse group, with people working together from a wonderful variety of backgrounds. Check out the intercultural competence resources to enhance how you work together. Explore the videos in the playlist and associated resources that most appeal to you.

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This playlist contains resources you can use to increase your self-awareness, explore your career identity and enhance your workplace intercultural competence. Videos in this playlist are delivered by Dr Andrew Holmes, Sally Walker and Denise Chilton.

Below is a curated collection of videos and resources around specific topics. You can navigate the blocks using the arrows and click on the one you wish to view. Playlists will load into the space above.

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Growing your self awareness
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Intercultural competence
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All intercultural competence videos in one playlist.

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Associated resources

These resources are linked to the respective related videos above but are provided here too.

Identity matters

Introduction to self-assessment

Cultural identity and assessing intercultural competence, Practical tools for enhancing intercultural competence and Intercultural competence and thriving in multicultural work

Positive Intelligence: making your mind your best friend

Useful links and resources

Caterine’s personal website also has a list of (mainly North American) leaving academia-specific resources.

Squiggly Careers podcast episode 167, ‘Managing your identity at work’ – this page also includes links to useful resources from the Harvard Business Review.

Episode 56 of the Squiggly Careers podcast is ‘How to be yourself at work’.

Chris Cornthwaite’s Roostervane: Careers with Purpose website is a great place to read up on these issues and see how other people have trodden this path.

Atomic Habits, Part 1 of 2 - Brené Brown (brenebrown.com) James Clear in conversation on Atomic Habits with Brené Brown

The Space Between Self-Esteem and Self Compassion: Kristin Neff at TEDxCentennialParkWomen (youtube.com) Kristen Neff TEDX talk on self compassion


Christopher L. Caterine 'Leaving Academia' (2020)

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