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Engaging employers

Co-creation with employers has been a key pillar of Prosper since its inception. We have engaged diverse employer stakeholders, incorporating their insights and specific expertise across all elements of Prosper.

In this section, you can explore what we’ve done to engage employers where we signpost you to the most relevant employer-informed resources and suggest how you might use these in delivering Prosper at your institution, confident that it’s informed by employer cocreation. 

What you could do to engage employers. We share the lessons we’ve learned from our cocreation and a range of resource including: top tips, dos and don’ts, and session templates in order to help you on your own employer engagement journey.  

Finally, please Share your practice with us. We’d love to hear about how you are using our co-created resources. If you’ve chosen to take employer engagement forward at your institution we’d also love to hear your experience. 

What we've done to engage employers

Prosper’s employer engagement at a glance 

Co-creation with employers has been integral to developing and delivering Prosper.  

Over 100 employers have dedicated more than 500 hours to diverse forms of cocreation.

This has included:  

  • Over 50 1:1 consultations which informed our overall approach 
  • 10 focus groups and workshops to develop the Prosper career clusters 
  • Over 30 in-depth interviews
  • 7 employer workshops and panels delivered to postdoc audiences, and available to all

Employers have shared insights into their particular companies, sectors and specialisms as well as more general information about the most in-demand core skills and competencies and how to excel in the application process.  

The co-creation with employers has been woven throughout Prosper. 

What you could do if you wish to engage with employers

If you’re interested in adapting and supplementing the employer informed resources outlined in what we do, the bank of resources here will help. From making the case internally for resourcing your employer engagement, to top tips for how to identify and nurture relationships with employers and suggested best practice for running and evaluating employer activity.  

There really is no one-size fits all approach for employer engagement. The level of resource you have, the type of employer input you’re seeking and what you hope to achieve for your postdocs will determine the best way carry out your activity.  

We therefore recommend that you explore the following resources with an open mind. There is no need to follow the resources step-by-step, simply take what you need from them. 

Making the case for employer engagement

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Developing your network of employer partners

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Communicating with employers  

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Employer engagement ideas and resources

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Share your practice

We would love to hear about your own experience of employer engagement:

  • What is working well?  
  • What challenges are you facing? 
  • Is there any best practice that you’d like to share with us and our community?

Log in to share your practice. We will incorporate your learning into the ongoing development of Prosper and we may feature your engagement as a case study on the portal. 

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