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Personal branding

  • Showcase yourself
  • Refine your goals

A personal branding strategy can help you showcase yourself for new opportunities and help you to refine your goals. 

There are different ways in which you can communicate your own brand. The most common one is using the personal statement at the top of your CV. This can help you at the application stage when trying to align with the employer you are aiming to impress. 

Another route is using your LinkedIn profile, specifically on the ‘headline.’ This 220-characters space can make a significant difference when potential hiring managers, head-hunters or collaborators scroll over your page. Working on the LinkedIn headline early one in your job search is a valuable step in creating a useful network of contacts on the platform and showing your value and the positive contribution you can make to any team or working environment. 

A strategy for LinkedIn headlines 

Career coach Dr Hannah Roberts walks you through the importance of personal branding and provides you with a strategy for creating a powerful headline. 

Learn from an expert how to: 

  1. Set your intentions 
  2. Find your baseline LinkedIn statistics 
  3. Define your ideal stakeholder(s) 
  4. Create your headline following her 4-part strategy 

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