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University spin outs

  • Understanding spin-outs
  • Rationale and benefits
  • Practical guidance

Do you have a good business idea, are you interested in commercialising your research? Your university might be able to help you develop and set up a spinout company, including help with finding funding and selecting a team. 

Emma Nolan, Head of IP commercialisation at the University of Liverpool, explains what a university spinout is, why they exist, and how you can get involved.

Useful information

  • Consultancy businesses aren’t typically scalable as they rely on one person’s expertise.  
  • ‘Life-style’ companies are small companies which won’t grow big enough to warrant external investment but individuals can get a significant income through consultancy.  
  • Zombie companies, in this context, exist just barely, on minimal income just enough to continue operating/cover their operating costs, no assets and no growth. They persist as people can be reluctant to draw the company to a close. 

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Q&A with Emma Nolan

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This playlist covers what a spinout is and the benefits of getting involved in one, and how research can be commercialised with some selected examples from the University of Liverpool.

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