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A template for holding a career conversation

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Date: 08 July 2021

Speaker at this session

Denise Chilton, Career and Leadership Coach

Session overview

This is the second of a two-part session. The recording and resources from part one are also available.

Holding career conversations with your postdocs can feel challenging and you may feel pressure to know all of the answers. However, you aren’t a career consultant (nor are you expected to be) so how can you have meaningful career conversations? Denise Chiton, a professional certified coach and leadership development specialist with over 10 years’ coaching experience, lead the two-part session about how to hold a career conversation with practical advice, and a resource to take away.

Session outcomes

  • How to prepare for a career development conversation with your postdoc
  • How to structure the session – using TGROW, a tried-and-tested four step model to help the conversation flow
  • How to use a practical resource (see session resources) that you can apply to your own conversations with your postdocs

Session recording

Session resources

Q&A session

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