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Boosting postdoc career development

This section is aimed at those delivering postdoc career development. Whether you’re having to convince senior colleagues to implement Prosper, engage external stakeholders or deliver directly to postdocs this section is for you.

In this section you'll find practical guides and resources to help you select how you'll implement Prosper, use specific resources and engage stakeholders, if you wish.

Adapt and deliver Prosper

Choose a mode of delivery

Find out how you could customise Prosper to fit your institutional needs

Organise career coaching

A practical guide to setting up career coaching for your Prosper offering

Plan communications

Determine how you'll let people know about your Prosper offering

Commission suppliers

Information on how to commission workshop suppliers

Start a cohort

How to recruit a cohort

Determine how you'll select, advertise and ultimately recruit your cohort

Running a cohort

Uncover the practical and logistical aspects of running a cohort

How to onboard a cohort

Discover practical suggestions to get your cohort off to a good start

Maintain engagement

Motivate a cohort

Discover how to start, maintain engagement and motivate a cohort

How to run social sessions

Enhance your postdocs career development via social sessions

How to run a buddy scheme

Learn how you can build peer support into your Prosper career development

Engage stakeholders

Get buy-in from PIs

Identify how you can get managers of researchers engaged in Prosper

Engage employers

If you wish to reach out to employers we've created this practical guide

Ending a cohort

Evaluate your programme

Find out how you can measure the impact of your Prosper offering

Collect testimonials and ambassadors

Create advocacy resources to encourage uptake at your institution

End a cohort and beyond

Draw your cohort to a close and keep the relationship going

Use Prosper's resources

Promote resources to postdocs

Determine how you can highlight Prosper's resources to postdocs

Using the career clusters

Ascertain how to use the career clusters with your postdocs

Use the self-coaching resources

Use the self-coaching resources to enhance your career development offering

Using session guides

See how to facilitate specific sessions using the guides

Other how-to's…

Run a focus group

Find out how we ran a focus group in this practical guide

Run a panel session

A practical guide to running a panel session for a postdoc audience

Working with postdocs

Uncover our top tips for working with postdocs on their career development

My own development

Uncover how you can develop your own skills and competencies

Working with PIs

A guide to working with PIs to support their postdocs career development

Facilitate a session

Find our tips on how to deliver different session formats

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