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How to promote and signpost the resources to postdocs 

Check out our communication page for suggestions on routes you may wish to use at your institution to signpost Prosper to your postdocs. This covers the ‘how’ of getting your message out. Peer recommendations are valuable, see the collect testimonials and ambassadors page for more information. 

On this page we briefly touch on the ‘what’, what resources will you highlight to your postdocs? This is very much where you take the lead in determining what will work best for your postdocs at your institution. 

If your postdocs are keen to start exploring careers beyond academia then check out the how to use the career clusters resource. The resource isn’t designed to be an exhaustive list of all jobs in all sectors, instead it’s more of a way of breaking the economy into manageable blocks or clusters. The idea is to support and empower the postdocs to find out the information about their desired route/sector/role themselves. 

For information on how to advertise sessions see the how to guides and how to run social sessions for specific details on how we’ve advertised sessions. 

In the learning and development section you’ll find resources grouped under thematic headings, that you can pick and choose resources that will be relevant to your situation.  

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