A fresh way to deliver postdoc career development

With Prosper you can: 

  • Support your postdoc’s career development 
  • Develop your own leadership and management skills 
  • Foster a positive and inclusive working environment 
  • Stay up to date with trends and best practices in career development 
  • Learn from other managers of researchers
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What managers think of Prosper

"Generally I think [Prosper] helped performance... it gave [my postdoc] an open mindedness about the options for her in terms of a further career and has made working together a really positive experience! It think it has created a really positive relationship.” 

Professor of Health Sciences, University of Liverpool 

Prosper “provided a focus and prompt for our discussions about career progression. Made me more reflexive and also opened up new discussions with postdocs to find out more about their needs and goals.” 

Professor of Politics, University of Manchester 

Prosper “has made [my postdoc] a more positive and forward-looking person and improved her resilience.” 

Professor of Chemistry, University of Manchester 

“Prosper has the capacity to set excellent standards across institutions for professional development but also to influence changes in attitudes from PIs. Anything that can help even out inequalities of opportunities for ECRs across the UK HE sector is warmly welcome as the current situation is not glorious.” 

Senior Lecturer in Health and Medicine, Lancaster University 

Prosper gave my postdoc “great confidence and they have become more outgoing and able to make important contributions… I think that all postdocs should have the chance to go on a Prosper-like course” 

Professor of Health Sciences, University of Manchester 

“I think Prosper did a great job helping my postdoc think about careers within and beyond academia.” 

Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Liverpool

“My postdoc has commented that he found [Prosper] very beneficial, and [it] inspired him about his potential future career.”

Professor in Ecology, University of Liverpool

“Overall the experience was positive for my PDRA and hence for the project.” 

Professor of Veterinary Sciences, University of Liverpool

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