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Welcome to Explore!

Here, we believe that a good awareness of possible sectors, valued skills and job roles are an important part of your career development. Getting inspiration of what you could go on to do can help you set personal goals and make informed career development choices.

In this section, we offer resources to help you broaden your knowledge of possible careers and highlight desirable skillsets. This includes case studies
from former postdocs, insights from employers and practical career exploration strategies.

Where can your postdoc take you?

Career clusters

Broaden your knowledge of sectors and roles in the wider economy

Prosper postdocs

Learn about the career paths of some of the postdocs from the Prosper pilots


Discover different pathways to pursuing a career in academia

Former postdocs

Check out a range of former postdoc case studies for career inspiration

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Job simulators

Explore professional roles by performing tasks simulating a realistic job scenario


Find out what a career in an organisation with an ethical or altruistic mission looks like

In demand skills

Communication skills

Learn how to hone and develop your communication skills

Leadership skills

Find out how to expand your leadership skills


Discover what it means to be creative in any area of your career

Employer insights

Find inspiration from panel sessions with a range of different employers

Project management

Identify and grow your project management skills

Commercial awareness

Recognise and develop your commercial awareness skills

Growth mindset

Cultivate the right attitude and mindset for enabling success

Career exploration

Map your warm network

Look at who you know, what they do and enhance those connections

Expand your job knowledge

Learn a strategy for researching organisations that interest you

Search job boards

Discover new careers by focussing on your skills and strengths

Reaching out

The power of networking

Find out why interacting with others is so effective

Barriers to networking

Reflect on what might be stopping you from engaging with others

Informational interviews

Understand more about a career by meeting people and asking questions

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