Boosting Postdoc Career Development 


Postdocs thrive when supported to find the right balance between the demands of their current role and their need to develop a career path suited to their skills, values and personal circumstances. As a manager you will also benefit from the increased professional satisfaction of your postdoc

This section is aimed at helping you in your own journey of developing postdocs. Explore the resources below to discover how to support your staff, build a stronger research team, stay up-to-date with trends and best practices in career development, and foster a positive and inclusive research culture.

Postdoc Careers 

Career conversations

Strategies for discussing careers with your postdoc 

Careers beyond academia 

Enabling your postdoc to explore the wider world 

Recruitment process

Supporting your postdoc’s next steps from recruitment through to employment

Careers within academia 

Encouraging your postdoc’s academic dreams 

Developing Postdocs 

Postdoc skills

Help your postdoc to identify and strategically develop their skills

Support career development

Helping your postdoc to face the future 

Postdoc networking 

Support your postdoc to grow and use their connections 

Postdoc contract timelines 

When to cover what

Inclusive Environments 

Creating inclusive environments 

Make your staff feel welcome and supported 

Staff wellbeing

Prioritising the physical and mental health of your research staff 

Supporting international postdocs

Issues international postdocs face

Working relationships 

Developing and becoming an effective research team

Managing Postdocs 

Managing my first postdoc 

Essentials of managing and leading research staff 


Getting off to the best start with your postdoc

Annual reviews 

Using Professional Development Reviews (PDRs) effectively 

Project end and outcomes 

The next steps for you and your postdoc

Funding and recruiting

Building career development in from the very beginning 


Managing and leading your research staff  


Balancing your project and your postdoc’s needs 

Manager Insights

Real-life examples 

Learn from the experiences of others 

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