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Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

  • Opportunities for STEM and non-STEM researchers
  • Hear from former postdocs who have moved into this industry

In its broadest definition, Advanced Manufacturing is any form of manufacturing that uses advanced methods to make manufacturing processes more flexible, efficient and competitive.

A diverse cluster of opportunities: from computing to stakeholder communication

It involves using a range of High-Performance Computing methods in order to model and de-risk new innovations or business processes, identify efficiencies within the manufacturing process and improve how repairs and maintenance of equipment are executed. Advanced Materials uses computer-aided materials design and robotics to pioneer the discovery, development and application of new materials.  

As well as improving industrial competitiveness, these novel approaches to manufacturing and advanced materials development have applications in clean energy and the potential to address some of the biggest challenges we face today in relation to sustainability and climate change.

Working in advanced manufacturing and materials could see you advancing your career in a range of organisations from huge multinationals to small, high-growth start-ups using cutting edge technology with specialist applications.  

While many opportunities in this cluster require technical skills, the sector also needs excellent communicators who are able to understand technologies and convey their benefits to non-specialists.

If you’re interested in this cluster and do not have an engineering or related background – do not let that put you off! Explore some of the case studies and videos below and, if you’d like to learn more, why not check out our tips for delving a little deeper into your career exploration.

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Dr Bruce Adderley, Director of Industrial Strategy, discusses his work at UKRI.

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Koura Global
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Monika MacNeill and Jamie Brooks share their experience of working for Koura Global, a company specialising in the manufacture and supply of fluoroproducts.

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Working at Puraffinity
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Dr Alex James discusses his work as a Product Development Scientist at Puraffinity.

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Working at Puraffinity 2
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Dr Octavia Blackburn discusses her work as Head of Product Development at Puraffinity.

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