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Food and Agriculture

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Food security is one of the greatest global challenges of our time, exacerbated by factors such as population growth and ageing, urbanisation and climate change.

Working towards a sustainable future

Food and Agriculture companies are working to respond to this challenge in a variety of ways.

This ranges from AgriTech start-ups working on technology and precision engineering in farming for increased productivity, profits and sustainable growth, to government agencies and non-profit organisations seeking to make food systems more efficient, build resilience to crises and improve international governance structure around food and agricultural management.

Food manufacturers also play a vital role in this picture, from specialist organisations to multinational food giants such as Nestlé who require a range of professionals across many functions, from specialist roles to the more general professional services functions you would find in any multinational. From policy and government affairs to manufacturing or marketing, there are multiple opportunities within this field for highly-skilled candidates. 

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Red Tractor
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Dr Georgina McDowell discusses her work as a Technical Manager at Red Tractor Assurance.

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LettUs Grow
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Isaac Pritchard discusses his work as a Mechanical Engineer in the product design team at LettUs Grow.

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