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Working at Advance HE

Dr Peny Sotiropoulou discusses her work as a Mixed Methods Researcher at Advance HE

  • Name: Dr Peny (Panagiota) Sotiropoulou
  • Current position: Mixed Methods Researcher
  • Organisation: Advance HE
  • Date of interview: November 2022

"What I love about my role is the variety of things I get to do."

Dr. Peny Sotiropoulou

"Having worked on a fixed-term, part-time, teaching-only contract in academia for a year, I cannot reiterate enough that there is a real life beyond academic posts!."

Dr. Peny Sotiropoulou

"Advance HE is a great fit for skilled people. There are people with postdoc experience in my team as well as across the company."

Dr. Peny Sotiropoulou

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