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Working at Pierre Fabre Ltd.

Dr Zohra Butt discusses her work as a Medical Science Liaison at Pierre Fabre Ltd.

  • Name: Dr Zohra Butt
  • Current position: Medical Science Liaison
  • Organisation: Pierre Fabre Ltd.
  • Date of interview: October 2022
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"The type of person that thrives in this sector is someone willing to take charge of their own workload and who is very comfortable working within a team."

Dr. Zohra Butt (Pierre Fabre Ltd.)

"Networking is very important if you are a postdoc with little exposure to the pharmaceutical space/medical affairs space, as these jobs are highly competitive and somewhat niche."

Dr. Zohra Butt (Pierre Fabre Ltd.)

"One major difference I have noticed in my current position compared with my time as a postdoc, is the lower levels of stress I experience in my day-to-day job, which I believe is related to the high level of support I receive from the wider team and from my manager."

Dr. Zohra Butt (Pierre Fabre Ltd.)

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