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Working at Code-Switch Consultants

Hellen Parra-Flórez discusses her role as Founder and Director of Code-Switch Consultants.

  • Name: Hellen Parra-Flórez
  • Current position: Founder & Director
  • Organisation: Code-Switch Consultants
  • Date of Interview: November 2022
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"What motivates me about my business is the positive impact I can have on people’s lives by creating products or services to help them solve problems. When someone decides to engage with your product and tells you about how much it has helped them, it feels as exciting as when your research is applied and used outside academia."

Hellen Parra-Florez (Code-Switch Consultants)

"Since I set up my business, I had to learn how to see the glass half full rather than half empty, focusing on what has been achieved rather than on what’s left to do. I practice this every day."

Hellen Parra-Florez (Code-Switch Consultants)

"I think the skills required to set up or work in a start-up are very similar to those required in academia: resilience, drive, resourcefulness, independent work, creativity, coping with uncertainty, coping with failure, adaptability, being brave and executing plans and projects, etc."

Hellen Parra-Florez (Code-Switch Consultants).,

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