On Tuesday 29th March 2022, the Prosper Project celebrated the end of the first cohort of postdocs from the University of Liverpool with a virtual leaving event.

In April 2021, Prosper was joined by 53 postdocs from the University of Liverpool to co-create Prosper’s new approach to postdoc career development.

The cohort were made up of:

  • 62% Biomedical and Biological Sciences
  • 28% Physical and Environmental Sciences and Engineering
  • 10% Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Over the last year, we have worked with the postdocs and our 90 employer partners to trial and co-create a broad range career development interventions that aim to unlock postdoc potential to thrive in multiple career pathways.

You can watch a short overview of our first pilot here.

As the year draws to a close, we brought together the key stakeholders that have played such an intrinsic part in the first pilot, giving us an opportunity to celebrate the invaluable contribution they have made to Prosper. The event reflected on the success of our first cohort, celebrating achievements and sharing individual journeys and plans for the future.

'We’re very proud of everything that our first cohort has achieved and incredibly grateful for all the help they have provided to shape Prosper. We wish them all well.'

Anthony Hollander, PVC Research and Impact, University of Liverpool

The second Prosper pilot with postdocs drawn from the University of Liverpool, Lancaster University and University of Manchester started in February 2022. All that we learn from working with the two cohorts will inform our roll out of Prosper to the Higher Education sector in 2023.