On Wednesday 15th February 2023, Prosper marked the successful completion of our second year-long career development pilot.

Postdocs from our second cohort came together with PIs, our coaches, the Prosper team, and senior representatives of our three partner institutions – the University of Liverpool, University of Manchester, and Lancaster University – to celebrate the occasion at a virtual leaving event. It was a great opportunity to catch up with some familiar faces, and reflect on our shared journey of the past 12 months and all we've achieved together.

Many thanks to all who attended: including key stakeholders, our second cohort of postdocs, and our amazing coaches - not just for attending but for all you've contributed to Prosper along the way. Also thanks to our cohort 2 postdoc speakers – Dr. Ashley Gulchowski, Dr. Simon Rothwell, Dr. Revathy Krishnamurthi, and Dr. Alejandra Zárate-Potes – for taking the virtual ‘stage’ to share their inspirational stories about what Prosper has meant to them, and to their future career plans.

You can watch a short review of our second pilot cohort here

It's sometimes difficult for us to believe it's been a whole 12 months since Prosper went multi-institutional with its second cohort. It has been an honour and privilege to work with such a talented, diverse group of postdocs - we wish you all the very best with your future journeys, wherever they may take you (and we'll be staying in touch to find out!). Your contributions and enthusiasm have been and will continue to be invaluable to our ongoing effort to improve and refine the Prosper offering.

Speaking of which, Prosper's own journey will also be continuing on, of course - we'll now be crunching the data from our second pilot to provide a comprehensive evaluation of its impact, as per our original cohort, in order to put the case for Prosper on a strong evidential footing as we prepare to take our offering - and new online portal - nationwide in the summer.

More information about our future roadmap - as well as collateral highlighting Prosper's impact on individual postdocs and the cohorts as a whole - will be forthcoming. So stay tuned!