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Developing coaching skills

Learning objectives:

  • Be confident to adopt a coaching mindset and understand key ideas and ethics of coaching 
  • Use high-quality listening, and questioning skills to have more impactful conversations
  • Have a coaching model to use in many situations at work, and with peers​.


120 mins

Further Guidance:

These resources have been designed for individuals or groups to use as self-coaching tools for personal development and growth.

Further information about how to integrate them into a facilitated curriculum is available.

The GROW model is a coaching framework that consists of four stages: Goal, Reality, Options, and Way Forward. The screenshot shows a visual representation of the GROW model, with each stage labeled and arranged in a linear progression from left to right. In the "Goal" stage, the individual defines their desired outcome or objective. This is followed by the "Reality" stage, where they assess the current situation and gain clarity on where they stand in relation to their goal. The next stage is "Options," where they explore various possibilities, strategies, or actions that can help them progress towards their goal. Finally, in the "Way Forward" stage, they create a plan of action, outlining specific steps and setting targets to achieve their desired outcome. The visual representation in the screenshot highlights the sequential nature of the GROW model and its focus on progressing from goal setting to action planning.
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130 minutes
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