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Developing career goals

Learning objectives:

  • Develop the ability to identify smaller steps and strategies necessary to work towards a larger goal.

  • Comprehend the SMART-AS acronym and its significance in setting attainable goals.

  • Determine the appropriate application of the goal setting methodology.


120 mins

Further Guidance:

These resources have been designed for individuals or groups to use as self-coaching tools for personal development and growth.

Further information about how to integrate them into a facilitated curriculum is available.

Screenshot showing SMART-AS acronym. Small: Start small to make goals achievable, Measurable: Be specific make sure you can measure progress, Awesome: Is the goal challenging, what are the benefits and what will motivate you?, Reject: What temptations will you need to avoid?, T: What is the timeline? Accountability: How will you hold yourself accountable, Stick to it: How will you track this?
Screenshot showing text: 'Are you ready to define your career goals?'
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130 minutes
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