We’re thrilled to announce a number of upcoming Prosper PI Network sessions over the coming months, with some great speakers from a range of HEIs. All sessions are free, online, and open to any PI or manager of researchers to attend.

Information about the sessions along with links to register can be found below, and also on our events page:

Thursday, 6th June, 12:30pm

Improve your wellbeing with Positive Intelligence

Led by Anne Marie Sowerbutts, Researcher Developer at the University of Manchester. This session will explore the concept of Positive Intelligence and how this can be harnessed to improve wellbeing and productivity:

  • Learn about how Positive intelligence relates to your perception of how you judge yourself, others and your circumstances.
  • Learn strategies to help you to overcome your own assumptions in those three areas
  • Improve overall wellbeing

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Wednesday 17th July, 10–11am

Prosper Portal tour: a quick guide for PIs

Not sure how best to support your postdoc to drive their career forward, be it in academia or beyond? Want tips from fellow PIs/managers of researchers? Resources organised by commonly encountered topics? This session is for you!

Join the Prosper team for an overview of the Prosper Portal and how it can help you. We’ll go through a variety of different ways you might wish to use it, from light-touch signposting through to using it a little more intensively.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Signpost your postdoc to Prosper to support their career development
  • Create a curated list of the resources you most commonly use or signpost to
  • Navigate resources by topics commonly encountered by PIs
  • Find resources to support your own career development

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Tuesday 22nd October, 1–2.30pm

Welcome to the panic room: managing challenging scenarios

Led by Dr Curie Scott from the Centre for Higher Education Practice (CHEP) at the University of Southampton. This engaging and interactive workshop aims to provide attendees with a toolbox of practical skills and strategies to manage difficult leadership scenarios and confidently navigate the complexities of research management:

  • Explore actual and hypothetical leadership scenarios faced by managers of researchers
  • Tackle these scenarios through discussion and peer learning
  • Discover how to manage difficult conversations with your staff, and learn strategies to self-regulate any sense of panic

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We’d love to see you at any and all of these sessions, and if you know any PIs/managers of researchers that these would be relevant for, please do pass on the information!

If you’ve any questions, or would be interested in hosting a PI Network session yourself (or know of someone else who might), do get in touch at: prosper.postdoc@liverpool.ac.uk